BKIND & MOVE is a series of different kinds of experiences, all designed to bring you closer to your truest self.  In all of our events, we will focus on music, movement and soulful wellness. 

To find ourselves, first we have to find what moves us.  

We've carefully selected our instructors, because of their wisdom, intention and heart.  We talked about why they wanted to teach and what moved them to enter the healing space. 

The music will change depending on the vibe of the event.  Some events will be soft and soulful, gently bringing you to a reflective space.  While other events will be bright and wild, pushing you to see what lies dormant inside of you, waiting to come out.  Each experience will be intentionally designed to curate a space where you can unplug and drop in.   Ultimately bringing you to that place where your mind can rest and your heart wakes up.  


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