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In this time together we will be looking at
 What coping is
 Why we do it
 And the many ways in which we do.

Why is this so important now? Because the world needs the authentic you that is hiding behind your coping tool.

Walk away from this workshop with a better relationship with yourself and an optimistic outlook on your life, your potential and all of the good that is out there for you.

Sheri Fitzner
 is a Intuitive Certified Hypnotherapist, published author, Reiki master, and teacher who hosts lectures and workshops focusing on: 
How the Mind Works, Conditioned Responses, Past Life Regression, Dream Analysis, Group Hypnosis, Collective Healing, Balancing the Masculine and Feminine Energy and so much more. … . She strongly believes each individual is important and contributes to the expansion of all, which is the inspiration behind her work. Sheri strives to help people become the best version of themselves, and works to help them discover unconditional love for oneself and recognize the unending love and support from the universe. 

Originally from Buffalo, NY, Sheri manages a virtual and in-person practice in her current town of Cuba, NY. When she is not writing or teaching, she is enjoying her cozy homestead with her husband and four children.  For more information or to contact Sheri, visit her website: Hypnoforhealing.com