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Ok, hear me out.  These are giving sisterhood of the traveling biker vibes.  When we first tried these on, we realized that the one test pair was fitting a group of us (5 girls all different sizes ranging from size 2, size 4, size 6, 8 ...  all fitting in the same pair, it was nuts.  And then that started a whole conversation about getting hung up on what the number in the pants says instead of leading with how it feels.   How many times have I made a pair of pants "work" because I wanted to be that size, instead of getting the ones that felt better on me.  

So that's the backstory here.  These are going to be a tricky thing to grab online, you'll probably want to try them on, but if you come into the store or see us at an event, and put them on, you'll see what we mean.  They will fit sizes small-large.  We're working on a plus size curvy version as we speak that will work for sizes 1X, 2X & 3X.  The thickness of the material, the textured style and high waist are all there to make you feel like your most comfortable, stunning self.