East Coast street style meets West Coast vibes with this feel good/feels good unisex apparel brand. bkindcity is a collection of inspired individuals looking to shake the perspective of commercial society with a culture of creative positivity and kindness. With our apparel, we have found a way to bring our vibe to the masses.


what we stand for

bkindcity is authenticity, it’s freedom, it's confidence and community. It's knowing who you are, or having the courage to find out.  It’s curiosity, kindness … and just a bunch of stuff we think is really cool.

There’s a vibrance in grassroots. It’s almost as if it’s secret…sacred… yet to be touched by commercial society.  We hope you tell everyone you know about this.  We hope we make a difference.  


When we began, we had no idea we would be here, from the purest place in our hearts-thank you for that.