one night at 3am...

One night, at 3am, as most things of this nature tend to happen, there was a flood…

I give you this: 

I believe that we are here for the evolution of our soul.  It has to be an experience, you have to work it out-- hands on, so work it out.  Trust the connections, go with the choice that feels right  --that is your map.  You know when you’re straying, bring yourself back.  

Go to the things you love.  That’s where your joy is.  Don’t put your happiness in other people’s hands.  It’s not their’s, so they won’t take care of it the way you would.  You can't expect one person to give you everything, unless that person is you.  We're all here for our own adventure.  I hope you find someone to adventure with.  But your's is your's and their's is their's.  Separate Journeys.  

Speak clearly + honestly + try not to hurt people.  Learn from your history.  It’s trying to teach you something.  It is far too exhausting to stay stuck.  Get out of what is trapping you.  


change.  change.  change.  change.  breathe and change. 


Be ready.  Timing-  be ok with it.  Be genuine.  Learn your “no”  -and say it.  If it's not "FUCK YES" its "FUCK NO".  Forgive, so you can stop carrying it.  Let go, because it is heavy.  Be aware of the quality of the people you are loving.  Listen to how it feels.  Evolve.  Speak up.  Show up.  Surround yourself with people that get it.  


Surround yourself with people that get it. 


Change is always coming.  Be brave with it.  Be nice to each other.  Breathe.  When you mess up, which you will, be wiser after… and kinder.  Don’t worry about what they’re doing.  Let go.  Be happy.  Like yourself. Start now.  Right now.  Be in love with being alone.  Be honest, the truth can hurt sometimes, so be gentle with it.  My dad used to say… “always stay humble + kind.” 


Stop talking shit.  It is shallow & you are deeper than that.  Calibrate your boundaries.  Know them. Calibrate what you tolerate.  Recognize where you are your own poison & when you are repeating history. Stop that.  Know when it is time to move on.  Know when to give people space.  Know how powerful your mind is.  Launder your thoughts.  Calm yourself. Conquer jealousy, it is weak + you are not.  


Think about why you’re feelings something + less about what.

Why are you angry?

Why are you frustrated?

Where are you when you’re happy?

…there are answers here,  

find them.


Stop doing the same thing over and over … and over again.  Do not resign to the easy choice. Evolve.  Trust your gut.  Insecurity is ugly and you are not.  Fix it. Yes, you can.  Read something. Literally anything.  Eat. sleep and drink more H2O.  You’re going to be amazing. Be ready.  Push.  

I believe in you.  Go.  ——————>


katie monacelli