FALL '21

This year's BKC Fall Collection is all about feeling free and letting go of anything that stands in the way of your peace.  It's about finally going for all of those things you've always wanted for yourself.  It's about finding ways to be comfortable in who we are.  It's about releasing anything that is holding you back.  It's about walking fearlessly towards the life you know is waiting for you.  It's about finding the people and places that ground you --and giving them more space in your life.  

It's about spending time alone, and knowing that rest is as important as movement.  It's about finding ways to fill the space inside of you that begs for peace.  It's about knowing when to let go, and knowing that we have to leave heavy things behind so we can carry useful things forward.  

May this be the season we learn to hold space for ourselves in the quieter moments.  Make room --good things are coming.